How to setup your own server for genomics analyzing

  1. Create a free AWS sever,Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS (HVM), t2.micro with 1 vCPU and 1 GiB memory, 30 GB disk space.
  2. Use SSH tool to connect to the server. I use Xshell and Xftp.
  3. Set up the software environment. I have attached my commands below.
  4. For more information, please check. Also, I’d like to thank Kate Hertweck, Erin Becker from Data Carpentry for the teaching and helping.

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MacType Beta Release

MacType is a font rendering software based on GDI++ project, it can change your system font display into Mac OS style.

The new release is a beta version, so you will need to install the formal edition 2013_1231_0 first, then replace the core dll with the documents in the folder of MacType_dev_20160216. Download link


4/16/2016: While the newest Windows 10 build (14316.1000) may crash with MacType 🙁

4/24/2016: Crash fixed (Windows 10 OS build 14328.1000), due to old EasyHK dll file out of date, so please replace the dll files in the rar package after install 🙂 Download link2

08/01/2016: A new patch for Direct Write released by しらいと @silight_jp, Blog link

08/31/2016: MacType 2016.830.0 by FlyingSnow

Update pause, please check the newest release by